Terms Of Working With Digital House Creative

Fixed quote websites are quoted according to the needs as expressed by the client at the time of making the quote. Should these needs change the price of the website may change accordingly.

Content must be provided by the client. Alterations of content after that content has been uploaded to the site may incur extra charges.

Text should be supplied in a word document.

Images should be supplied as separate png or jpg files.

It is up to the client to thoroughly proof read all content. Digital House Creative makes no guarantee that they will proof read unless that is expressly added into the agreement. Excessive corrections of content supplied by the client may be subject to extra charges. The client is free to make those corrections themselves if they wish to avoid the charges.

The client must provide feedback and required content in a timely manner (3 working days to respond to feedback requests).

If a project is delayed more than 30 days due to the client not providing required content the project may be shelved and a re-start fee of $200 applied to restart the project.

Included in all new / revised websites is:
Easy content management system, we use WordPress which enables you to add, remove and alter pages and content. You can also add and change functionality of your site as your business grows.

One-on-one training via phone or Skype for the duration specified in your proposal.

Basic on-site Search Engine Optimisation. (including meta tags, descriptions etc)

Please note - In depth SEO is a long and complicated process and you shouldn’t expect to rank at the top of Google for competitive keywords with only on- page SEO.

A minimum of $1500 or 50% (whichever is the greater) payment is required for work to commence on new websites, unless a separate agreement regarding payment is expressly stated in writing.  In addition, any third party costs (hosting, domain name registration etc) is due upon project start. Progress payments are to be made throughout and the balance is due immediately upon sign off on the site and before going live and submission / release to the search engines.

Once a website has been signed off and final payment received it is considered completed and all further work will be charged at standard rates. This includes adding extra features not discussed at the time of the site build.

Standard rates are currently $95 per hour with a minimum of 15 minutes chargeable. These fees are chargeable for all work, updates, additions, social media creation, training, consultations etc whether on the phone, via email, in person or by other means.

While Digital House Creative tries to provide accurate estimates for work done sometimes things take longer than expected. All estimates on updates, training etc are are subject to change.

Invoices are payable as check, cash, or credit card.

Payment of Invoices over 30 days late may incur interest at the rate of 10% per annum calculated daily.

Payment of your deposit is considered to be agreement to these terms.

These terms are subject to amendment without notice.