What Are Google Local Service Ads

Local services ads are a relatively new type of Google Advertising where you can pay per lead rather than pay per click.  These ads appear at the very top of the page, above the typical text advertisements.

What Makes These Ads Different Than Regular Google Ads?

Local service ads are displayed from services providers who have:

  • Passed a background check by a 3rd party company
  • Submitted their business license
  • Received at least 2 Google reviews

In a nutshell, advertisers who pass Google’s requirements get the “Google guarantee” and can appear higher than all the regular PPC ads.  With Pay Per Click, any advertiser has the potential to be in the 1st page results. With Pay Per Lead, your business would have to get guaranteed by Google first.

Benefits of Local Service Ads

Your Google Local Service ad will show up for people searching locally for your services.  Your ad will have a rating and show that you are Google Guaranteed. Your customers can call you or book an appointment and Google can track this information for you.  Leads come in as phone calls and messages sent through your Local Services ad.

One thing to note is that Google is recommending you by showing your ad to your local market.   If you regularly fail to answer calls or respond to messages, your ad ranking may be affected! Because your getting the “stamp of approval”, you are held accountable for doing a stellar job. If your customer isn’t satisfied with the quality of your work, they can file a claim and potentially get refunded.

So What Does A Local Service Ad Look Like?

Google local service ad

Your ad will show a preview of your business profile. When users click on your ad, they’ll see your profile, which you can edit at any time.

How Do Payments Work?

You only pay for leads for services that you offer and you can dispute paying for a lead in the following situations:

  • The service that the customer is looking for is not listed in your profile
  • The location of the customer is not in your service area
  • The call is a solicitation
  • The call is spam
  • You received the same lead twice
  • You couldn’t get in touch with the customer

Have you started with Google Local Service Ads?  Let us know in the comments!



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