Our Process

We believe that defined project management processes are necessary in order to meet delivery and quality benchmarks when working with clients. A marketing agency with a streamlined process can focus on their client's growth without getting distracted with it's own internal operations.

Implementing a successful web design and marketing strategy is strongly dependent on clear communication with our clients and is a collaborative process. We never lock anyone into contracts, in fact we work to prove that our team should be the one who deserves your business.

What To Expect:

1 - Onboarding

We start a project with a kick off meeting. Digital House Creative will jump in and learn to understand everything about your business, your goals, who your competitors are, and your biggest struggles. We will also determine what your key performance indicators are.

2 - Discovery

We perform a full audit of your online presence. We spend a lot of time doing competitive research and discover "low hanging fruit" for quick wins. We will present our findings at the end of the first month and present a customized 90 day marketing plan going forward.

3 - Implementation

Now the fun starts! We get to start doing the work by using proven tactics and strategies to achieve your goals. Our team will present you with daily, weekly, and monthly reporting - we will let you know what is happening along the way. We never lock you into a contract.

4 - Analysis & Ongoing Optimization

We are continuously analyzing the data from your marketing campaign - your website traffic, leads, conversions, cost, and SEO rankings to determine what is workin best and what's not. As things change, we communicate our findings with you. At the end of the day, we are in the business of growing your business.

Have a project in mind?

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