Free Seamless Backgrounds With Subtle Patterns


Subtle Patterns can be a great resource for finding seamless backgrounds to use on your website and graphics. The backgrounds are “subtle” - they are not loud and “in your face”. You can go to Subtle Patterns to check it out.  All the background patterns are free to use and they will repeat seamlessly, did I mention that yet?

There are currently 405 seamless backgrounds to choose from.  If you go to the website, you can view a nice selection of patterns to use on your web design project.

2 Ways to Use Subtle Patterns for Seamless Backgrounds

The Photoshop Plugin
The plugin makes it really easy to use right in Photoshop. You have all of the patterns right there to play around with.  The plugin can be purchased at and it’s currently $19.99.

Download a Pattern From The Website
You can also just download the pattern you want right from the website. When you download the pattern, you will receive a zipped file. Unzip the file and then open the PNG file in your favorite graphics program.

Previewing the Patterns Before Using

You can preview the patterns directly on the Subtle Patterns website before you download it.

There is actually something much more handy for previewing patterns - there is a bookletmark at that allows you to view and test out all of the patterns directly in your browser.  First, you just have to add the bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar.

Then, open up your webpage and click once on the bookmarklet.  In the example below, I chose a gray background to view in the browser window that I had open.

Using seamless backgrounds as patterns on your web page can really change the look and feel of a website and take a boring design and give it a little spice.


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